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CSS Format

CSS / SASS / SCSS / LESS Formatter for Sublime Text

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CSS Format is a CSS formatting plugin for Sublime Text, you can convert CSS/SASS/SCSS/LESS code to Expanded, Compact or Compressed format. CSS Format is just only a formatter, do not supports grammar check and auto correct feature.



OPTION 1 - with Package Control (recommended)

The easiest way to install this package is through Package Control.

  1. Install Package Control, follow instructions on the website.

  2. Open command panel: Ctrl+Shift+P (Linux/Windows) or Cmd+Shift+P (OS X) and select Package Control: Install Package.

  3. When packages list appears, type CSS Format and select it.

OPTION 2 - with Git

Clone the repository in your Sublime Text "Packages" directory:

git clone git:// "CSS Format"

You can find your "Packages" inside the following directories:

OPTION 3 - without Git

Download the latest source zip from Github and extract it into a new folder named CSS Format in your Sublime Text "Packages" folder.


Select the code, or place cursor in the document, and execute commands in one of the following ways:


By default, CSS Format provides no keyboard shortcuts to avoid conflicts, but you can read the included Example.sublime-keymaps file to get an idea how to set up your own.


There are a number of configuration options available to customize the behavior on save. For the latest information on what options are available, select the menu item Preferences > Package Settings > CSS Format > Settings - Default.

DO NOT edit the default settings. Your changes will be lost when CSS Format is updated. ALWAYS edit the user settings by selecting Preferences > Package Settings > CSS Format > Settings - User.


Created by Mutian (

For more info, you can send email to me: mutian(a)!


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